by Alex Stoddard

When NBA fans think of the top young players, some names that come to mind include Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kevin Durant. Now after his outstanding regular season and post-season, in which he went right at LeBron on offense, and took the near impossible task of trying to stop him on defense, Paul George has to be considered in that category. 

En route to winning the NBA's Most Improved Player award, George stepped up his game in the playoffs, leading his Indiana Pacers to the Eastern Conference Finals, and being just one game away from the NBA Finals, before they suffered a Game 7 loss to the King and Miami. In this issue, George is featured in an article by Editor-in-Chief Alex Stoddard, while senior writers Nick Kolb and Chris Kolb provide articles on Jimmy Butler and Jeff Green, respectively. There is plenty more in the issue, so subscribe to Game Time Magazine to see all of the articles and other features.